Protecting Your Property During a Roof Replacement

Best Practices for Protecting Your Home During a Roof Replacement

For over 25 years, your New Jersey roofers at Allied Roofing Solutions have guided customers who are replacing their roofs on ways to lay the groundwork for the first day of work.

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There is no getting around the fact that when your roof is replaced there will be some disruption in your life. It’s essential to plan for it and prepare your property to be sure it continues to be a safe environment for your family while the work is being done. A responsible roofing company does almost all of the work, from prepping the old roof for removal to cleaning up after the job is done. Yet, there are a few things you can do before the work begins that make the roof replacement go even more smoothly. 

We’ve answered questions about what happens before, during, and after a roof replacement. In this post, we share our list of best practices for you to be sure the process goes smoothly and without delays.

Preparing the Outside of your Home for your New Roof

Roof Replacement: Preparing Your Yard

A lot will be going on in your yard during the roof replacement. Roofers are walking around in your yard; nails and debris will fall off the roof as the workers remove the old roof. The workers will probably put a dumpster in the driveway as a repository of all the stuff they need to haul away. They will also lay down tarps for collecting the debris. More than likely, they will use magnets and metal detectors to find nails that fall. However, the only way to find shingle scraps is by inspecting visually. Here is how you can prepare your yard to deal with all of the debris that falls.

Move your vehicles from the driveway and garage

Move your vehicles away from the house the night before the work begins. If you wait until the day of, you may get trapped by suppliers offloading shingles and other materials. The roofers will need to use the driveway throughout the day. They will park a garbage bin in the driveway and bring equipment close to the house so they can use it when they need, making efficiencies in time. Don’t leave your car in the garage, even if you don’t have any plans to use it. Garage roofs are typically not insulated, so nails and shingle granules will drop through the roof. If granules fall on your car, they scratch the paint as you attempt to wipe them off. Bottom line: it is best to park your cars on the street.

Most roofing contractors use a generator but they still need an outside power source as a backup in case something isn’t working. Typically, they will check the power during their inspection before the actual replacement begins. You will also need to ensure that it is working before they begin work on the first day. If it isn’t, tell the roofing contractor so they can make alternate plans.

To keep your outdoor furniture protected, organize the yard, decks, and patio before the project begins. Move furniture, potted plants, lawn ornaments, and so forth at least 15 feet from the house. Clear the garden and yard of such items as solar-powered lights, statues, water fountains, birdhouses, and bird feeders. Additionally, make sure that toys are moved out of the way of the roofers as they are walking around the yard trying to access the roof from different sides. If you don’t have a space to store them, put them in the yard safely away from the work area.

Plants can be vulnerable to dropped shingles when your roof is being replaced. Place netting or a tarp over flower beds and other plants. If you have fragile trees or bushes, mark those with orange tape to indicate to the roofers that these are to be protected.

Mark each sprinkler head so the roofers don’t potentially trip over them. Shut off your irrigation system for a few days before the work begins and while the work is being done. If the grass is wet, your lawn gets damaged as the workers walk on it. Cutting the irrigation system off will help ensure your lawn is protected.

Before any work begins, even before supplies are delivered, walk around your property and take pictures of existing damage. Such damage as torn window screens and broken light fixtures need to be noted. Additionally, it makes sense to take pictures of your property so that you have proof if you find damage after the roof replacement is completed.

Preparing the Inside of Your Home for a Roof Replacement

best practices to preparing your home for a roof replacement

Even though the work is being done outside, there can be effects on the inside of your home. Vibrations from the work can lead to damage to wall decorations like mirrors, framed pictures, and art that can be shaken off the hooks and nails.

Here are some things you can do to prepare the inside of your home for a roof replacement.

Remove wall decor

Vibrations from hammering can knock decorations off walls, so remove those before the work begins. Be especially aware of things on the top floor, which is closer to where the roofers are.

Fragile items can be damaged from the vibrations. Be aware of such items as china plates, glasses, vases, and other breakables, and remove them from the proximity of the walls and each other.

Check the attic for items you have stored that may be fragile or have sentimental value and have the potential to be damaged. Move special things to the main floor while the roof work is being done. Also, lay tarps, sheets, or painter’s drop cloths to protect belongings in the attic from the dust that may fall.

Preparing Your Pets and Children for a Roof Replacement

Preparing Your Pets and Children for a Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is a loud project that lasts for a good length of time. Typically, a new roof installation takes about two days. However, the time required depends on the size of the roof. Regardless of the amount of time it takes, the job will be disruptive to your children and pets.

Here are some things you can do to minimize the disruption of a new roof installation for your children and pets.

Take children away if possible

If you can, take children to either daycare, a friend’s, or a family member’s to remove them from the noise. Small children may not be able to sleep and older children may be distracted. Talk to your children and explain that areas of the house and yard will be off-limits for a while. If your children can’t fully understand the dangers, it may be a good idea to let them stay with friends or family. If you decide that you are vacating the property during the work, just be sure to leave your phone number with the roofers in case they need to contact you.

Think about how your pets will handle the noise and activity. If they are sensitive to thunderstorms or fireworks, they may get worked up during the roof replacement. Consider taking them to a pet daycare while this project is going on. This decision will need to be made several days in advance so there is a plan in place.

What To Do After the Roof Replacement is Completed

After the work is completed and the roofers have cleaned up, there are a few things you should do.

Inspect the roof

The roofing contractor will show you the new roof to be sure you are happy with the results. After they leave, if you find anything that seems unusual, call them. Sometimes, additional work may be needed. For instance, if a storm knocks a shingle loose before it can seal or a last ridge cap shingle wasn’t installed by mistake, the roofer should be fine to come back and remedy the situation.

Be sure to check your driveway when the equipment is removed and the workers are finished. Look for any marks on the driveway or leaked oil, as well as damage to your grass. If you notify the company quickly, they should be happy to correct the problem.

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