How to clean your roof

How to Clean Your Roof

And maybe more importantly, what not to do when cleaning your roof.

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Tips for Cleaning Your Roof

You may be noticing your roof shingles are looking black and dirty and it’s affecting the curb appeal of the entire house. It could be fungus spreading across the roof. Or, it could be stained from algae spores. And, if you see thick, green patches on the roof, you have moss on the roof. The north, west, and shady areas of your roof are prone to these problems. Algae don’t harm your roof, but moss and mildew damage shingles. When left on the shingles, you will eventually need to replace them. So, it’s probably time to think about cleaning your roof or getting it cleaned.

What is the best way to clean your roof to remove the mildew, moss, and algae? And, what are things you should NOT do when cleaning a roof? Allied Roofing Solutions, a locally owned and licensed New Jersey roofing company knows exactly how a roof needs to be cleaned and what you shouldn’t do when cleaning. 

Here's how to clean your roof, as well as what to not do.

Tip #1: Use a sprayer attached to a garden hose – Don’t use a pressure washer

A sprayer attached to a garden hose is much preferred over a pressure washer. A pressure washer can loosen shingles and seriously damage your roof. Use a solution that is equal parts laundry strength liquid chlorine bleach and water for a roof with asphalt shingles. Allow the solution to sit on the surface of the roof for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with clean water.

Tip #2: Wet plants and shrubbery with plain water – Don’t ignore your landscape

Protect your shrubbery and foliage by thoroughly wetting them with plain water and then covering them with plastic. After using the bleach solution on your roof, rinse them again. Don’t neglect to take care of your landscaping. It can be harmed by the bleach solution.

Tip #3: Clean your roof on a cloudy, overcast day – Don’t clean it on a sunny day

Be sure to pick a cloudy day to clean the roof when the wind is calm and there is no threat of precipitation. Wind and rain will dissipate the cleaning solution and cause the process to be ineffective. If you clean it on a sunny day, the bleach solution will evaporate too quickly, which decreases the cleansing effects.

Tip #4: Perform maintenance on your roof to repair loose shingles – Don’t let problems continue

In preparing to clean your roof, you should repair loose shingles and flashings in order to minimize roof damage. Then, clean out the gutters and downspouts so the cleaning solution can drain off the roof during rinsing. Don’t neglect to take care of these issues before cleaning. You may be able to remove mildew and such, but then you still have some problems that can only get more serious over time.

Tip #5: Reapply the cleaning solution a second time – Don’t expect only one application to be enough

You will need to put more cleaning solution on deep stains. After putting the first application on, allow the roof to dry, then wet the roof and spray on more solution just as you did before. Wait a maximum of 30 minutes and rinse it off again. Light stains will wash off over time as long as rain and sunlight can reach the area. You can also use a broom to scrub in the cleaner but don’t apply too much pressure. Heavy pressure will damage the shingles. Be sure to keep the section wet until you are finished scrubbing.

Tip #6: Determine that you can walk safely on the roof’s surface –  Don’t fail to take proper safety precautions

Be sure that you can safely walk on the roof’s surface before cleaning it. If the slope is too steep to traverse or if your house has more than one story, you should hire a pro who has the appropriate tools and gear. If you do the cleaning yourself, wear shoes with slip-resistant rubber soles and wear eye and skin protection. Failing to take proper safety precautions can cause accidents that result in serious injury.

Tip #7: Take steps to clear the roof so sunlight reaches areas –  Don’t wait until your roof is covered in algae, mildew, and moss to clean it

Perform preventative steps like trimming back tree branches so sunlight gets to areas that are shady. Clear debris and leaves from the roof with a leaf blower. Finally, keep gutters clean in order for the roof to remain as dry as possible. Don’t wait for issues like algae, mildew, and moss to cover the shingles before taking action.

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