Important Steps to Take Before Signing a New Roof Contract

Important Steps to Take Before Signing a New Roof Contract

We assist our customers in the entire process from the beginning of the contract being signed through to the end of the project.

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Discover the Important Steps to Take Before Signing a New Roof Contract

Getting a new roof is a big project with a lot of work and a significant expense but one that makes a huge impact in many ways. It increases the value of your home and it protects your family from the elements outside. Because it is such an important part of your house and is an investment, you need to be sure that the roofing contractor is going to be able to give you the product you want. Hiring a contractor that provides a durable, high-quality roof, at a good price is not a small task. Getting the right information before deciding on a contractor is

At Allied Roofing Solutions, your trusted New Jersey roofing contractor, we have learned over the years that not everyone knows the important steps they should take before signing a new roof contract. We assist our customers in the entire process from the beginning of the contract being signed through to the end of the project. Whether you need a New Jersey roof replacement or roof repairs, you can rest assured that you will get quality work. In this article, we help you to know the important steps you should take before you sign a new roof contract.

Steps to Take

Finding a great roofing contractor requires some upfront homework and due diligence on your part. Here are three steps to take when choosing a roofing contractor.

Look for several companies when doing initial research. You should reach out to more than one roofing company before signing a contract. Family, friends, associates, and neighbors are good sources for recommendations. Searching online for companies and always reading the reviews. Whatever the source, you can check the reputation of the potential contractor through the Better Business Bureau and trade organizations.

Make appointments with two or three roofing companies that have come through the first screening. During the appointments, ask the questions below to thoroughly vet the companies. Through the answers to your questions, you can assess their credentials, skills, and experience levels to perform the quality job you need.

Finally, you will need to take all of the information you’ve gathered from each company and make a decision. Deciding between multiple roofing contractors can be either easy or tough. Here are some tips for selecting the best one for your job.

Questions to Ask a Liscensed Roofing Contractor

Asking these important questions will help you in making the best decision for your roofing project. Here are some of the best questions to ask a roofing contractor.

What is the company’s full name and physical address?

Getting a physical address, not just a post office box, is important. If the company can’t provide a physical address, this is a red flag and should cause you to move on to another company. The company’s name and address should be online. Search for it on social media websites, online databases, and the Better Business Bureau to match it with what the company provides to you.

A reputable roofing company is glad to provide you with its licensing information for the city, county, and state. You should ask for the specific name of the license holder first. Then, check with local licensing offices to be sure that the license is current and has no outstanding violations.

A business license is different from a roofing contractor license. Both are important. The business license gives the company identification and tax information. The roofing contractor license shows that the company has passed the qualifications required to work in the area as a roofer.

The insurance a company has on their business will indicate if they have workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance. These are important in protecting you if workers are injured on the job at your home. This insurance will cover the medical bills the worker incurs instead of you being responsible for that cost.

If the roofing company uses subcontractors, those workers may not have the right insurance or licenses to work on the job. This puts you and your home at risk. If the company is using subcontractors, you will need to verify the physical subcontractors’ names, phone numbers, and physical addresses and then check this information through the Better Business Bureau and online review websites. If a company hires subcontractors, ask them why. Is it because your roof project is especially large and they need extra help, or is it a common practice?

By asking this question you are trying to determine the experience level of the roofing contractor. An experienced roofer can put your mind at ease. A roofer who is experienced in installing many types of roofs knows about the different available materials, roof decking, flashings, shingles, gutters, and other aspects of the project. This is the level of experience that a quality job requires.

You should be given an estimate in writing that outlines every part of the roofing project. This written estimate helps you avoid surprise expenses later. The estimate should include all labor costs, roofing materials, and other upgrades.

More than likely there is a warranty offered by the manufacturer for the materials. But, does the roofing company offer a warranty for their work? Some companies offer a roof warranty and some don’t. If the company offers a warranty, be sure to ask about the type of coverage, the warranty length, and if the warranty covers the work or just the materials.

In the roofing industry, one of the most prestigious programs is the Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor designation. A preferred contractor like this designation indicates has a higher level of knowledge than other companies. Ask the companies you are interviewing if they have achieved any credentials such as this.

A roof inspection will determine the work that needs to be done. Maybe you don’t need a total roof replacement, and instead only require repairs. If they can inspect the roof, they will understand better the entire job and be able to present an accurate quote.

Keeping your landscaping intact and protecting gutters, decks, and so forth should be considered part of the roofing project. Damage can occur when debris falls off the roof or is left behind. Find out from the project manager what steps they take to take care of your plants, grass, and flowers. Ask if they have a heavy-duty magnet that can find and pick up stray nails at the end of the work. You don’t want your children, family, or pets stepping on nails or debris.

Find out what they do with the refuse material. There is a lot of waste and disposable material from the roofing project including materials that are recyclable and non-recyclable. You don’t want all of this waste and debris in your yard after the project is finished. Many areas have laws regarding how materials need to be disposed of and, in fulfilling these requirements, the company will bring refuse containers and dumpsters onsite.

Steps Before Signing a New Roof Contract

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