What You Should Know About the Roof Before Buying a Home

What You Should Know About the Roof Before Buying a Home

When you are considering a house for purchase, look to Allied Roofing Solutions as a trusted and experienced roofing company.

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Before Buying the Home, Learn What You Should Know about the Roof

experienced in assessing a roof’s condition

Buying a home is a very exciting, as well as overwhelming, activity. You are excited about the possibilities and yet may be overwhelmed with the enormity of the decision. Many factors go into your decision to buy. Besides the state of the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, you can’t ignore some parts of the house that are extremely important, but maybe not so interesting– namely the roof.

The roof is your protection against the elements. It keeps your family and possessions safe from rain, wind, heat, and hail. Not to mention, there are significant costs involved if you need to have a roof repair or get a roof replacement. How can you know as much as possible about the roof of a house you are considering? How can you be sure that the entire home is within your scope and budget when looking at a long-term investment?

At Allied Roofing Solutions, your New Jersey roofing company, we are experienced in assessing a roof’s condition. Initially, one of the best things to get is a professional roof inspection before making an offer on a house. In this article, we highlight what you should pay attention to regarding the roof when deciding to purchase a home.

Important Things to Inspect

A qualified inspector will check the items here. However, you need to stay vigilant concerning the roof of the home you are considering purchasing.

The Age of the Roof

when the roof was installed
Since a roof doesn’t last forever, knowing when the roof was installed means you can estimate when it will need to be replaced. You can obtain this information from the official paperwork that either the seller may have or the roofing contractor has. A casual response as to the general time the roof was installed is not good enough. You need to know specifically how much time the roof has before it will need to have major repairs or be replaced. Depending on the climate of your location, whether it gets severe weather such as hailstorms and wind, your roof may last less time than a “normal” environment allows. Read this article for more information about how long asphalt shingles last. If the roof is nearing its lifespan, you can either use that information in negotiating the price or decide to move on to a house with a newer roof.

factors on the quality of the roof Some important factors add up to the quality of the roof. Not only the type of materials used but also the workmanship. Even after years, evidence of top-quality work can be seen. However, there is a huge difference in quality between inexpensive 3-tab shingles and thicker, more durable architectural or dimensional shingles. Architectural shingles are much more sturdy and last longer when subjected to difficult weather conditions. At the end of the day, 3-tab shingles need to be replaced more often than premium shingles.

There are many signs of wear that you can see from the ground. Note that we never recommend getting on a roof yourself. Some signs of wear that are warnings include:

  • Any sightings of individual shingles cracking, curling, peeling, shrinking, or otherwise becoming worn
  • Granules in gutters or bald spots on shingles that let in UV light, deteriorating the asphalt
  • Cracked caulk or rust spots on the flashing, gutters, and downspouts
  • Cracked and worn rubber seals, also called “boots,” around vent pipes

proper ventilation systemRegardless of whether it looks to be in great shape,  if the roof ventilation system isn’t appropriate, you can face huge issues down the road. A proper ventilation system that lets sunlight and air come in easily is critical. Additionally, the ventilation system gets the hot air and heat out of the house easily. These requirements are important for the life of the roof. If you discover issues from poor ventilation, you’ll want to have these problems addressed.

Inspecting the canals and seepage systems requires getting on the roof and inspecting the roof’s condition. The seepage system is comprised of downspouts, gutters, and drainage pipes. We recommend you hire an expert for this. When checking the gutters, attention should be paid to asphalt shingle grains. When the small grains that coat the shingles are falling off, it means that the shingles aren’t being protected from the destructive sun rays.

When your roof is leaking, you probably experience damage to the interior of your home. The ceiling, the walls, your furniture, the carpet, the wooden floors, and the list goes on. It can be difficult to find the source of the leak because it is not always where it seems it should be. Most of the time leakage occurs in valleys, plumbing vents, chimneys, and skylights. Be sure to have the rooftop inspected for leak points before you buy it.

When there is moisture in dark places that aren’t well-ventilated, mold grows. Mold is a fungus that can be dark, white, green, or black. Some molds are easily seen while others are hidden. Mold can form between walls, under floors, on the roof, and in less visible spots, wherever materials are drenched in water. A moldy rooftop is a direct result of water intrusion. Sometimes the molded area is fixed but the source is overlooked. When this happens, the mold returns to the same spot because the source of the water is still there. Many roofing professionals use an infrared camera to pinpoint the leak.

questions about the roof before you buy

After the Roof Inspection

Once all inspections are complete, you get a final report. Based on the report, you should negotiate the pricing of the house and the repairs that need to be done before you buy the house.

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When you are considering a house for purchase, look to Allied Roofing Solutions as a trusted and experienced roofing company. We can provide a thorough inspection of the roof so you know exactly the shape it is in. We can answer all your questions about the roof before you buy. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for a roof inspection or to discuss asphalt shingle roof options for your home by calling us at   (201) 773-0633 or completing our easy-to-use contact form.

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