Whether to Stay Home during your Roof Replacement

Whether to Stay Home During Your Roof Replacement

Getting your roof replaced is a big deal. It is costly, it makes a huge impact on the value of your home, and it is (let’s face it) a significant disruption.

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The investment you make in a roof replacement is worth the time, energy, and resources required to be sure your roof is installed correctly. Many people wonder whether they should stay at home during the roof work or leave the premises for the time it takes to complete the job. Primarily, the question comes from safety and convenience issues.

Is it safe to stay in the house while the roof is being replaced? As your New Jersey roofers, Allied Roofing Solutions, we get asked this question quite frequently. Our response depends on your specific family situation and tolerance for inconvenience and disruption. This article presents several answers to the question of whether to stay home during your asphalt shingle roof replacement. Hopefully, this information will make it easier for you to decide on your plan of action.

Three Main Factors to Consider

We have found that there are three main factors in your decision to stay home during the roof replacement.

Safety and Mobility

There are aspects of performing the work that create potential safety hazards. The roof replacement project requires a wide range of equipment such as roof sections and tools, as well as workers that are around your house and, of course, on the roof. All tools have safety issues if left out where children and pets can come into contact with them. Even though good roofers make sure all precautions are taken when handling their tools and roofing trash, debris will fall onto your property. Additionally, you will have restricted movement in and out of your home during the roof work and it may be difficult for you to use your garage, resulting in having to park off the site (on the street). Consider this an inconvenience you will need to assess when deciding whether to stay at home.

Your comfort is a big factor when considering whether to stay at home during your roof replacement. The process, from start to finish, can be disruptive. Talk with your contractor and ask for a detailed work schedule to determine when will be the noisiest and the most upheaval will occur. Getting this information will tell you when you may want to vacate the property, even temporarily. Rather than leaving altogether and going somewhere else for several days, you might make plans to not be in the house during the working part of the day. If you work from home, you may go to another location. If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, you might make plans to go to a play space while the workers are on the roof during the day to get away from the noise.

Debris that falls during the project while the work is being done is the most significant risk to your family and pets. Everything from old shingles to nails potentially fall into your yard even with the roofer being extra careful. If found by your children and pets, these can be harmful. You may want to take pets elsewhere to a friend’s house or a boarding facility to remove them from the premises. Also, take into consideration that children and pets are sensitive to loud, irritating noises. If your family can’t get comfortable with the noise and you are worried about the falling debris, then these are two good reasons to leave your house.

Reasons to Stay at Home During Roof Replacements

Reasons to Stay at Home During Roof Replacements

You will have certain challenges when you stay at home while your roof is being replaced without question. However, there are some reasons why you may want to do so. Again, it’s important to talk with your roofing contractor to find out how long it may take to replace the roof. This information, along with details about the process and when the noisiest and most disruptive part of the work will occur, help you in deciding between staying or leaving.

It Is Less Expensive than Leaving

If you leave and have to stay at a hotel for a few days, you will incur that cost. This is a big reason why most homeowners choose to stay home. You may not want to incur more expenses by spending additional money on accommodations.

If you have children and pets, it may be more convenient to stay home. Even if you have family or friends you can stay with, the inconvenience of packing up everything your family will need for a few days away from home and transporting it to a different location can be a lot of work and stress. Additionally, moving from your home can inconvenience you in terms of your work and children’s access to school. You can avoid all the inconvenience of moving by just staying at home.

Staying home while the roof is being replaced allows you to keep watch on your home and your belongings. There is a lot of activity during the project with people coming and going as well as expensive materials and equipment being stored on your property. With strangers entering the property, there is a higher risk of theft or damage without proper supervision. It can be difficult to keep an eye on all these components and ensure your materials are safe if you are away from home.

Reasons to Leave Your Home During a Roof Replacement

Unquestionably, there are some reasons you may want to leave your home while your roof is being replaced.

Loud, Irritating Noise

Working on the roof–hammering nails, taking off shingles, and moving around–creates loud noise and it can be difficult to stay inside. If your home has two stories, the noise will be muffled on the first floor. However, wherever you are in the house, it may be annoying to hear the installers doing their job. As stated earlier, you might make plans to not be in the house during the working part of the day. Maybe you can remove yourself, children, and pets for the portion of the work that is the noisiest by just going to another location such as a play space, pet play resort, or a quiet place where you can work.

If you feel that it is not safe for your children and pets to stay home while the roof is being replaced, you should consider leaving the property. Even though parts of the house and yard may be in good condition and safe, you might need extra protection moving in and out of your home during the replacement process. If you aren’t able to provide those precautions, then you should leave.

A roof is a critical component in maintaining proper temperature in your home. With parts of the roof being removed during the replacement, the outside temperature will be coming inside. If the work is being done in the summer, your home will be warmer than usual and if the work is being done in the winter, your home will be colder than usual. If this becomes a source of discomfort for you, then consider leaving while the roof is being replaced.

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