Maintenance to Protect Your Roof Gutter

Important Gutter Maintenance to Protect Your Roof

We see many roofs that are damaged due to gutters’ inability to drain water. In this article, we explore things you can do to maintain the gutters on your house.


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There are things you can do to maintain and protect your roof so that it lasts. One of the most important items is the maintenance of your gutters to prolong the life of your roof. The gutters perform a crucial function in protecting the roof of your home. Improperly functioning gutters have long-term effects on your roof. Many times, property owners neglect the importance of regular gutter maintenance, resulting in stopped-up, clogged, or damaged gutters. This puts the roof at risk of damage from backed-up water, debris, and ice dams. But, gutter maintenance is essential to ensure the structural integrity of your property.

Your New Jersey roofer at Allied Roofing Solutions knows from experience how important a properly functioning gutter is to the health of your roof.

When Your Gutters Don’t Drain Properly

When Your Gutters Don’t Drain Properly

The purpose of gutters is to remove water from the roof. When water pools and overflows in your gutters, it can leak into the roof or drip down to the foundation of your home resulting in a myriad of costly issues you want to avoid, including:

Premature roof deterioration

Cracks in the foundation

Mold in the attic

Flooding in the basement

Deteriorating sidewalks and driveways

Problems with the flow of water off your roof can ultimately create the need for roof repairs and even roof replacement.

Signs of Gutter and Downspout Problems

Signs of Gutter and Downspout Problems

Here are some common signs to look for that indicate you have gutter and downspout problems.

Overflowing Gutters

Water should flow easily through the gutters and downspouts when it rains. If you see water pouring over the sides of your gutters or forming a waterfall, you can be certain that the gutters are not functioning correctly and are probably clogged with leaves, twigs, or other debris. The water can spill onto your roof and cause expensive damage.

Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutters indicate that they may be filled with stagnant water or debris. The weight of the water can cause the gutters to pull away from the house. You should address this issue quickly to prevent further damage.

Rust or Corrosion

Gutters made of metal like steel and aluminum can develop rust or corrosion over time. This denigrates their structural integrity and results in stains and weakened gutters. Regular roof inspections roof inspections can identify areas of rust and address them before they become severe.

Leaks and Puddles

Leaky gutters or downspouts can create puddles that cause water damage near your home’s foundation. Leaks are often caused by joint or seam failures and should be fixed promptly.

Paint Peeling and Stains

If you see that paint is peeling or there are stains on your home’s exterior, it could very well be a sign that your gutters are not adequately directing water away.

Ice Dams

A well-maintained gutter system can reduce the risk of ice dams and damage to the roof in winter. Ice dams form when heat from inside the house causes snow and ice on the roof to melt and then refreeze when the water reaches the colder edge of the roof. Clean gutters, functioning properly, facilitate the drainage of melting snow and ice.

Gutter Maintenance

Tips for Gutter Maintenance

Remove Debris

Remove all leaves, twigs, and other debris from the gutter and collect them in a bucket or tarp for easy cleanup.

After the gutters are clean, check downspouts for blockages. If clogs are found, dislodge them with a trowel and use a hose to flush out any remaining debris. Be sure the downspouts are directing water away from the foundation.

After cleaning the gutters and downspouts, the proper flow of water can be tested by using a hose to rinse away residual dirt or minor debris.

Undoubtedly, your gutters will accumulate leaves and debris to cause water to pool onto your roof even when you clean them during the year, especially if you live in a heavily wooded area. Consider installing gutter guards. Gutter guards fit over the gutters to prevent leaves, sticks, and other debris from getting into the gutters, without blocking the flow of water. The guards provide a screen that keeps trash out of the gutters. So, the guards protect the roof and simplify the maintenance you have to do.

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